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Our integrated course — Atsui Nihongo Shaberahen? — was developed by the Japanese Linguistics Majors Class of 2006 from Ritsumeikan University. ©—§–―ŠŲ‘åŠw“ú–{Œę‹ģˆįƒ[ƒ~ˆęŠúķ‘ē‹Æ§ėƒOƒ‹[ƒvˆęB‹–‰Â‚ÆŽg—p‚ģ‚ę‚éB

2006 ”N‚RŒŽˆóü
ŠÄCEŽw“ą —§–―ŠŲ‘åŠw –koŒcŽquŽt
ŧėE’˜ė —§–―ŠŲ‘åŠw “ú–{Œę‹ģˆįƒ[ƒ~ˆęŠúķ‘ē‹Æ§ėƒOƒ‹[ƒvˆę“Ŋ
  ˆÉ“Œ“ŋŽq ã“ŒĘ‹I —é–Ø–œ—SŽq ûü–Ą–ģ–ģ “c’†LÆ
  “y‰Ūˆŧ ’·āV‘z‰F “ė•”‹ąŽq žė‚ ‚Ļ‚Ē ‘šã‚ ‚ä‚Ý
  ‘šž˜a‹M X“ˆ‚Đ‚ð‚č Œī“cŠG”üŽq •Ÿ‰iŽŽq “Ą’ËŠ°
  žˆäNK ˆĀˆä–]      
ŧ–{Eˆóü ‹ž“s‚ą‚Ō‚Ē