kansai japanese: HOW TO USE THIS GUIDE

How to use this guide

This guide could be used for self-study, for reference and of course in class. We think it's best to print the textbook. It has comprehensive explanations, tests, assigments and a in-depth appendix with additional grammar explanations a bibliography and more. Once you printed all that stuff, you'll find out that it's all in Japanese. Obviously you should know standard Japanese before learning colloquial Japanese. But all the materials are designed for learners, so it's easy to understand. For each chapter you'll want to first watch the video , then read the pages in the textbook and try to answer the questions. From time to time there are listening comprehension tasks in the book — you can find the mp3-files here on the site. Basicly once you open the textbook it's all pretty much self-explaining and it's even fun!

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